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Welcome to my online home.

Here you will be able to view samples of my work as an author, photographer, graffic artist and web site designer.

I am president of SilverStar WebDesigns Inc., a Web site design and hosting company located in Buffalo, NY. My company and I provide web site design and maintinence, site hosting, and ongoing marketing assistance to numerous clients in the Martial Arts, Legal, Art and Photography, Industrial, Transportation, Health Care, Recreation and Sports industries.

I invite you to read my articles on such diverse topics as web site marketing, how to find a host and designer, as well as some simple health tips, and much more.


- Bob Hubbard


Bob's Quote of the day November 19th, 2017

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The saddest story, is the story of those who never tried. They die, and we never know the magic they could have made.

-- Bob Hubbard...


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