Bob Hubbard
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Who is Bob Hubbard?

Bob is president of SilverStar WebDesigns Inc., a Web site design and hosting company located in Buffalo, NY. Bob and his company provide web site design and maintinence, site hosting, and ongoing marketing assistance to numerous clients in the Martial Arts, Legal, Art and Photography, Industrial, Transportation, Health Care, Recreation and Sports industries.

Bob is the Official web designer for the following individuals, groups and organizations:

  • GrandMaster Ernesto Presas and the International Philippine Martial Art Federation, Kombatan
  • GrandMaster Tim Hartman and the World Modern Arnis Alliance
  • GrandMaster Rick Manglinong
  • Jim McCann and the Hibernia Fight Gym
  • Datu's Tribe martial arts competition team
  • The Can-Am Border Battle
  • The Queen City Laban Laro / NAFMA NYS Championships
  • Ring 44 - Buffalo NY Veteran Boxers Association
  • Twin Dragons Tae Kwon Do
  • The Red Dragon School of Martial Arts
  • The Northeastern Martial Arts Institute
  • MartialTimes Magazine
  • MartialTalk Magazine
  • KenpoTalk Magazine
  • Attorney David F.Butterini Esq.
  • Attorney Dennis Herron and Associates
  • A Natural Resource Consulting
  • Dr. Christopher LaCava, M.S., L.Ac.
  • MartialTalk Martial Arts Community
  • KenpoTalk Kenpo Community
  • FMATalk Filipino Martial Arts Community

In addition to SilverStar, Bob is also the owner of, one of the largest general martial arts communities online, and, the largest online community dedicated to the arts of Kenpo Karate. Serving over 200,000 visitors monthly, MartialTalk was listed as one of the top 3 martial arts sites by Black Belt Magazine in 2004. As a service to the WNY martial arts community, Bob also maintains, a regional portal site.


An accomplished writer and photographer, his articles and photography have appeared in Buffalo Computer and Internet Magazine, MartialTalk Magazine, KenpoTalk Magazine, MartialTmes Magazine as well as numerous internet sites world wide. He is a regular contributor to MartialTalk Magazine. Bob's Photography Site.

What do his clients think of him?

Bob spent a decade as an independent contractor, working both on his own and for various agencies in the Western New York and Cleveland, Ohio area before accepting a 2 year stint as an NT Network administrator for a local manufacturer in 2000. In 2002 he devoted himself full time to building SilverStar WebDesigns Inc.

His past businesses have included network marketing, computer game development, computer game publishing, anime product sales, martial arts magazine editing and publishing as well as custom built PC's and parts. In addition to his web design and photography, Bob is a former Microsoft Certified Professional and an A+ Certified computer technician.

Bob is available for seminars as well as personalized one-on-one consulting. He has done presentations for several groups and organizations on web marketing, including The Buffalo Martial Arts Council, and the World Modern Arnis Alliance.